aquarius horoscope(21st of January – 19th of February)

When it comes to Aquarius, people usually consider them as strange and independent people. They have strong sense of morality and greater good, they tend not to fulfill individual needs but those who are general, for the majority of people. Although always independent they are great parents trying to be friends with them. Many of the socialistic leaders in the history were born under this sign. They are great in the alternative parts of the science or anything else which is considered alternative. They bring new ideas, new solutions always trying to make the world better place for living.

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They are the best in the fields where they can show their creativity but they cannot stand authorities. Ideal jobs for them are vets, inventers, interpreters.
When it comes to love, they are independent as much as in the other fields of life. They tend to be free and when the first signs of getting attached appear, they leave the relationship. They prefer original, inventive people. Ideal partner for them is someone who is highly independent, who appreciates them in their projects and who doesn’t ask for anything more from them but the little time and little care. It is also difficult for them to attach, they tend to be elusive, like the air – their element.

Their weaknesses are circulation, hormones, teeth, bones and nerves.

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