cancer horoscope(21st of June – 22nd of July)

Cancer is a sign that can easily be spotted in the crowd – they are often those shy, rather introvert than extrovert persons who are not gathering too much attention around them. The truth is that the Cancer is considered to be the most emotional sign of all others. Those emotions are guiding them throughout their whole life influencing all the aspects of life. They are often very moody and misunderstood. The true feelings they reveal only to their closest ones but somehow even for them they remain close in order not to be hurt or ashamed. People say that they are living in the shell, their true emotions are hidden and what you see is just a rough surface. They do not put trust in others – those who want it from Cancers have a long way to go to achieve that.

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Career is also an aspect of life where Cancers put their emotions in. They will not get into the insecure businesses, they will not put money on something which is not quite sure it would be paid off – they think thoroughly before they act. Therefore, they always want a secure source of income. On the other hand, art is something that they are attached to but then, they have to be perfect in it whether it is acting, writing or painting.
Their lovelife represents everything they need from life. They want stable relationships although there are some Cancers that go astray – they switch partners too often as they cannot see themselves attached to some other person – not because they are incapable of loving but because they are afraid that their beloved one would leave them.
Their weaknesses are their nervous system, stomach, genitals and lungs.
In order to keep themselves always healthy they need to decrease the amount of sugar they take, especially in days of an emotional crisis, to eat more soups and lighter food and to practice constantly

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