capricorn horoscope(23rd of December – 20th of January)

Capricorns are ruled by common sense therefore, emotions are in the background for them. As a matter of fact, emotions are mainly cold and under the traditional values. People born under this sign are conservative, firm and rigid but behind all that there stand painful insecurity and incapability of any kind of improvisations. If there is no influence by their ascendant they will remain stubborn, unable to change their minds and to move in some other direction in life. The planet Saturn influences them in the sense that they are diligent yet logical so it makes them perfect mathematicians, scientists, engineers.

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Their constant need for security might lead them into the slaves of money but it can make them become wealthy, yet their main problem might be communication. People can always count on them but once they are hurt they are not likely to forget or forgive.
In love they are as conservative as in any other part of life. In order to approach them a partner has to show security, stability and much love as well as the statement never to leave them. If given even a slightest indication of something he or she should be jealous at, they will suffer fiercely falling into depression. They do not cheat but if that happens it is an obvious sign that they are unhappy in the relationship or taking a revenge of a partner.

Their weaknesses are teeth, jaws, skin diseases and melancholia.

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