aries horoscope(21st of May – 20th of June)

The word that best describes people born under this sign is independence. They do not stay too long at one place for being in the constant need of change. Some people see them as perfect entertainers, they have lots of friends although many of those friendships turn to be superficial. They are often very diligent when it comes to knowledge and very hardworking. The curiosity is something that they cannot repress and it often leads them into adventures. They are capable to do many different works at the same time. Also, meetings and any public events are very attractive to them as they can show their best in taking parts there.

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They are the perfect workers in all fields on entertainment and science – they are usually lawyers, actors, journalists, detectives. Whenever there are a lot of people, lot of chatting you can find them.
Their love life is not the top of their lifetime wishes – they tend to switch partners too often as they always want something new and exciting. The relationship is a quest for them and if a partner stays interesting for a long time – that is how long Gemini will stay.

Their weaknesses are lungs, tongue, fingers, arms and shoulders and they are often weak – they easily get injured.
In order to stay healthy they have to include some variety in the food since they are very picky and often stick to one kind of food  and to stay away from everyday stress.

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