leo horoscope(23rd of July – 22nd of August)

Their character is highly connected to their ruling planet – the Sun. Under the Sun everything is rather too expressed – their ego, their ambition, self – centering, persistence, stubbornness. They are one of the most energetic signs in the Zodiac circle – what they imagine they achieve. No other sign in the Zodiac has that much power which is always correctly directed. They are very extrovert people with great deal of ambition, often very logical yet easily confused over small things. Being very materialistic people they will find difficulties if not wealthy as they wish to. They combine two totally opposite things – they are very generous, and on the other hand very selfish. What they always do is – reach for the stars.

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In the matter of career they can be perfect orators and philosophers, their mind is said to be limitless. They are good scientists and they can handle an organization in big companies. As a matter of fact, a Lion is good at any given job and gives his best in it.
They are very family oriented and they give their best to provide as much as they can for their family. They put all dreams in the children sometimes putting a big burden on their back. When it comes to love they can be faithful but they expect their partner always to be the best in everything he or she does.
Their weaknesses are heart, blood pressure and to keep healthy they have to be away from stress.

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