libra horoscope(24th of September – 23rd of October)

Those people are highly influenced by the planet Venus which gives them the sense of the esthetics and actually everything that is connected to the beauty itself. They are not very motivated persons (although it depends on their ascendant) and they have a lack of will. Even though their sense of balance makes them perfect diplomats and peacemakers in times of arguing between two groups of people, they themselves are not that capable of maintaining that balance inside of them. You can easily distinguish a Libra by constantly choosing between too things having been unable to make up their minds. Those things usually vary from small ones and it goes all the way to those major, lifetime choices.

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They are people that the others usually consider shallow as their priority is everything on surface, the form of things but not the quality of it. The snobs, someone call them. Despite all those, they can be hard working when times come. They are excellent as actors, musicians, photographers, social workers.
When it comes to love, their love is not deep and everlasting although they are not type of the people who changes partners easily. If someone appears to be inadequate for them, with no deeper emotions, they will leave the relationship like nothing happened and look for something else. But, once they settle down with the family they are not very likely to leave.

Their weaknesses are genitals, kidneys, different infections since their mucosal is not resistant enough.
The best way to keep themselves healthy is to stay away from the injuries and to eat healthy food.

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