pisces horoscope(20th February – 20th March)

Pisces is an emotional Zodiac sign and they express their emotional tendencies wanting to be loved in a ‘poetic way’. They would do everything for their beloved one, yet they can never truly understand other people and their needs so they like to play victims. They are religious, endlessly romantic, hesitant and rarely persistent. What leads them in life is not common sense but the intuition and they have is a lot. If their ascendant is an Earth sign they can become calculated people and if their ascendant is a fixed sign they become fanatic usually about religion.

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They find themselves best if they are artists – painters or musicians, psychologists or doctors. If they are under a bad aspect of their planet Neptune they become thieves, susceptible to drugs and alcohol or become dreamers who are incapable of living in reality.
When it comes to love Pisces think for themselves that they are hard to get, which is completely untrue. They are looking for the partners they can count on. They usually don’t know how to deal with the bad criticism because they find themselves perfect and then they take the revenge in return. They are looking for a traditional marriage, traditional relationships and their kids usually should be the best in everything they do. If they become unsatisfied with the relationship or marriage they will rather close themselves into a shell than to cheat.

Their weaknesses are feet, nerves and susceptibility to drugs. They best get along with any Water signs and Taurus and Virgo.

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