sagittarius horoscope(23rd of November – 22nd of December)

It is often said that people born under the sign of Sagittarius are actually born under a lucky star. Their characteristics are balanced, they have strong sense of morality, justice and their intellectual performances are often high so they can be successful in different fields. They are highly optimistic, often with strong love towards nature and travels. Kids are very important to them but they tend to make them independent early. They can be superficial but adventurous at the same time so, long distance travels tempt them – you can find them as explorers of strange cultures and nations. They are stubborn and they don’t easily listen to other people’s opinions.

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In the field of career, they are successful almost everywhere but their abilities are best expressed if they are comedians, bankers, politicians or social workers.
When it comes to love it is difficult for them to get attached to a person since their object of affection changes. They are in constant search of someone more interesting, funnier, who can kill the boredom. The marriage represents another worry in their life since they hate limits that a marriage represents for them. The thing that pushes them away from a partner is jealousy – they are not capable of being jealous and they do not understand why other people get envious and jealous.
They are not necessarily unfaithful but they probably would not miss the chance if someone else attracts them.

Their weaknesses are spleen, liver and obesity in certain part of the body such are legs and hips.

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