scorpio horoscope(24th of October – 22nd of November)

People born under the sign of Scorpio are often said to be very energetic but sometimes very fanatic. Their will is limitless, their persistence passionate. Actually, their energy either attracts others or pushes them away for good. In that sense, they can easily make enemies of others and that is often guided by their revengeful behavior. Scorpios will forgive but they rather take the revenge and then move on. Their great deal of intuition often leads them to see someone’s darkest thoughts or acts. They like material things, they gather money and spend it limitlessly but on the other hand, they can live in the complete deprivation.

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When they work they give themselves in it but often they don’t enjoy what they do. A work is just a way to earn a living. Their deep mind gives them big chances to succeed in jobs such as detectives, doctors, chemists or soldiers.
In love they can show all the fanatic tendencies they have – they love passionately and it can start even from the first moment of a relationship. They are often not the type of the people that goes into the superficial and passing relationships. They don’t forgive affairs of their partners or if they think they don’t pay enough attention to them.

They make perfect matches with signs of Taurus, Cancer and Pisces.

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