taurus horoscope(21st of April – 20th of May)

Taurus is the second Zodiac sign and it is ruled by the planet Venus, planet of attraction, love, art and beauty. Because of all that, people born under this sign are always craving for those things in life. They are looking for harmony and tend to make everything comfortable around them. There are two sides of Taurus, often combined in one person – one is materialistic since the main purpose on this earth for Taurus is to gather more goods, whether it is money whether some other valuable things. The other one, completely opposite from their materialism is affection – they are capable of loving and being attached to a person. Taurus is often susceptible to jealousy, that is never furious – it’s is hidden waiting for an outburst when the time comes. They hate changes tending to have stability in their lives.

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In their professional life they can be very devoted, hard working although when not motivated nothing can push them forward. The field of their success is often art, everything that has some connections with art or either anything that is connected with food – they simply love to indulge themselves and food is one of the ways to do so.
The physical appearance is something they invest in and expect others to appreciate it – they are said to be one of the most attractive Zodiac signs (alongside with Virgos). When it comes to love they don’t easily lose their minds. It takes much effort, many presents and perfect moments together to make them fall in love.

Their worst enemy is obesity and best cures are healthy food, fish and fitness. Weaknesses are throat and kidneys.

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