virgo horoscope(24th of August – 23rd of September)

The very first association that comes across someone’s mind on the mentioning of a Virgo is – tidiness. That’s true. People born under this sing are very neat and tidy, they hate mess and disorganization. They tend to put each thing to its place. They are often considered to be very eccentric since they have their own small world which is perfectly organized. They analyze – everything said or done has to pass through the thorough analysis in their minds. They are very diligent, in fact hardly can u find a lazy Virgo. They are also not very talkative and communicative peoples, sometimes too much time passes by before people around them actually start to like them.

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When it comes to love life, they are very picky and often not quite sure if they really love someone – due to their excessive analyses. But once they attach they often remain faithful throughout a long period of time. They are capable of making big sacrifices of themselves for the good of their family or beloved ones.
Since they are constantly analyzing things, they can find peace in jobs such are: philosophers, analysts, interpreters but the truth is – whatever job they chose, they are reliable and hard working.

They make good matches with Earth and Water signs.

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