Destiny Reader Cirrias

Destiny Reader Cirrias
Cirrias has helped people for over 45 years to see what is really keeping them from moving on.
She will guiding you to find that happy and loving life you deserve and the financial freedom you need.

She is an expert in:

-Twin Flame and Soul Mate Readings
-Past Life Readings
-Reiki healing
-Karma Cord Cutting
-Connecting you with your Guide
-Chakra Balancing

She is a Psychic, Past Life Reader, Cosmic Life Reader, Reiki Master/Teacher
Communicator and Channel of Ariaann (for over 10 years!)

She is also your Channel to the Council of the Ancients, Healer by the Grace of the Universal Source of Love and Light,Reader of the Akashic Hall of Records and Guardian of the Memories Crystal!

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