Tarot and Angel Card Reader S-Diane

Angel Card Reader S-DianeCard Reader Diane has had the gifts of a seer and healer since childhood, but she only begans to use them professionally in l990. She is known as The Oracle Soul Joiner because she links with another through mind or touch and comes to know things about their health, wholeness, and situation. She also knows things through dreams, signs, visions and cards, subtle changes in hr body and infinitesimal projections from her clients.

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S-Diane is guided by the Holy Spirit, she has credentials in massage therapy, hypnotherapy, life coaching, pranic healing and reiki, prayer chaplainship, the literary arts, social work and theatre.

She teachs workshops to help others develop their gifts in soul travel, psychometry, telepathy, and auric healing meditations. She provides a hands on healing through her spiritual community each month. She works with several Tarot decks, Medicine, Daughters of the Moon, the Destiny deck of Gong Hee Fot Choy, a Chinese system of riches and unfoldment. She works with angel cards and knows the power of the angelic worlds. She can channel the deceased.

Diane has helped many through crises of faith, grief, despair, suicide, and heartbreak, but she is not super human nor beyond the human condition. Her own life has been full of challenge and loss, need and desire, struggle and victory. She likes sex and sweets as well as the next person. She has cried in the midnight hour and showered at the break of day like anyone. She has lost great loves and missed many opportunities. She has regrets and victories.

Diane has also gone to school for high degrees and completed several careers. She has been hired for jobs, and worked under insensitive bosses. She has fought battles with management and civil injustice, and she is a part of the stuff of the human experience.

Like you, her life has made her wise. It has contributed to her ability to know the human heart and the ways of the mind. You have the natural ability to know. You may need someone to help you look at the circumstance or to confirm what you suspect. You may want to open up to someone, but do not desire a formal situation or to burden friends or family with your private anguish. You may just need the anonymity. You can trust yourself to know when to ask for support. If you are reading this, you know when two heads are better than one.

There is no need for you to be without counsel or direction. There is no need to worry or fret. Your answers are seeking you as you seek them. Let Diane be a support and a guide. She is made for this purpose as the beach is for the tide. Know that if you have found Diane, you have been lead. Trust your guidance.

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