Tarot Card Reader Lucy Linn

Tarot Card Reader Lucy LinnLucy Linn will bring you Love and Light. No spells, no magic, just the most powerfull energy. If you feel down, don´t know what will be, hesitate – just close your eyes and consciously imagine you are standing in the tunnel of this strong Light.
Lucy Linn came throught this Light and she came back to help you. She is here to help you, but it´s YOU, you are the masters of your life, YOU can change your life. She can help you to get Back on the Track (how she named her therapy :) )

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Since her childhood Lucy Linn had her psychic abilities, mainly what concerned the future. It aggravated when her loving grandmom died. She could see her and than not only her. She was tought and led…. by angels and Ascended Masters.
Lucy Linn studied how human´s body works, eastern and western massages and also their philosophy – ayurveda, chinese medicine, Huna… She also studied constitutional homeopathy, well choosen homeopathy remedy can make a miracle! Constitutional’ ‘classical’, ‘totality’, or ‘Hahnemannian’ homeopathy, all mean essentially the same thing; they mean a precise definition of homeopathy in which there must be a proper in-depth case taking and understanding of the patient and this must then be matched to one single remedy, often referred to as ‘the simillimum’. This meticulously chosen single remedy will treat every aspect of the patient’s health makeup, that is, their whole constitution, hence ‘constitutional’ homeopathy. This kind of homeopatthy heals both body and mind (soul). In her opinion, if we treat our kids and us more by homeopathy and natural things, less hate, murders, wars and bad energy will be here on this beautiful planet.

Angels show her in the pictures the character of a person the inquirer ask about, so she can also give advice about kids – what kind of school is suitable for them or what cause the problem parents have with them…She can see what happen in the past. Kids are still in angel´s energy and she loves to answer the questions of careful parents :)
To help people with their problem she uses tarot of The St. Grail, automatic drawing and my psychic abilities.
Love, partnership, occupation are the most frequent questions she get. She can also connect the energy of the pets and aswer the questions about them.
You can also ask her what meant the dream you had or if there´s some message from your ancestors, which passed over.
She is also Reiki Master, so she can send you an energy.

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